Pike Industries 400 Amp Solid Copper Busbar 4 Stud (5/16″ Stainless, Red) Common Bus, Terminal Block


Solid copper BusBar for RV, boat & Marine, home, and automotive use in 12-48 volt DC applications. 400 Amp rated, continuous duty cycle, designed to meet increased ampacity requirements when 3000W 12V Inverters are fed by multiple sources through a common busbar, (solar, battery, generator, etc..) Fully rebuildable injection molded ABS Insulator is designed for maximum stability with a wide 4 hole mounting base, (mounting screws included), and impact resistance. High quality materials used for studs, flange nuts, and mounting fasteners. Standard duty models use Grade 5 or higher, Zinc plated steel fasteners, and Marine rated models use 316 Stainless Steel hardware (316 stainless alloy is suitable for saltwater and corrosive environments whereas 304 stainless used by other manufacturers requires frequent cleaning)

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