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Experience the freedom of the open road with Victron Energy. Our reliable products power your RV adventures, ensuring you stay connected even off-grid. Backed by the industry’s best 5-year warranty you’re always covered. Choose Victron for energy independence.

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About Pike Industries

At Pike Industries, our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality and reliability sets us apart. As authorized Victron Energy Distributors, be assured that our equipment is built to perform, ensuring a reliable supply of clean and sustainable energy for years to come.

From cutting-edge Victron Energy Multiplus and Quattro Inverter chargers, to the Ruuvi smart monitors and our copper BusBar, we offer an extensive array of solar equipment catering to your specific needs. In addition to embracing eco-friendliness,  empower yourself to confidently depend on your off-grid power system.

Ready to elevate your solar game? Let's kick things off by going "True Blue" and taking a look at the complete systems Victron Energy has to offer.

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Authorized Dealer

Victron Energy Equipment

Pike Industries is a Victron-authorized U.S. distributor of Victron Energy Solar products. With a showroom, in-house tech support and sales staff, we leverage our real-life experience to design an effective, efficient, and resilient solar power system for you.  Have confidence knowing your investment in Victron Energy is backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty (ask us about the 10 year Victron extended warranty).

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Energy Storage

Authorized Dealer

Ruuvi Smart Monitoring

Pairs with Victron Energy GX Devices

Wireless connection to GX devices so you can view temperature data all in one place.  Set relays based on Ruuvi temperature data to turn on fans etc.  

Multi-year Battery

User-replaceable CR2477 lithium battery. Lifetime 2-3 years.

Long Range

Bluetooth beacon technology offers better range compared to traditional Bluetooth devices.

History Logs

Up to 10 days of downloadable environmental history data. Logged every 5 minutes.


Reduce food waste.

Weather Station

Monitor your environment. Wide -40F to 185F temperature range with the special Ruuvi battery. (Default -4F to 158F).


400 Amp Busbar, Innovative and Rugged for Unmatched Solar Performance

Pike Industries introduces our high-quality 4 post solid copper busbar, with innovations such as a wide base for secure mounting, beveled design for installation of wire terminals in an inverted position, a rugged cover, and high-quality grade 5 plus or 316 Stainless Steel fasteners.

Constructed from top-tier materials, with a user-friendly design, this bus bar is compatible with a diverse array of solar systems, car stereo audio, ATV/UTV, Marine, RV, and camper van installations.


Pike Industries - Powering Your Success with Victron Energy Solutions

Pike Industries is your premier source for high-quality Victron Energy equipment. As an authorized US distributor for Victron, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch products and exceptional customer service. We provide in-house sales and technical support services from our US-based location in North Central Idaho.

Whether you're venturing off-grid, outfitting an RV, enhancing marine capabilities, or exploring mobile solar applications, we're here to power your success with our comprehensive range of Victron products featuring Multiplus and Quattro Inverters. Embrace the reliability, interoperability, and performance of an all Victron, "True Blue" system, backed by the expertise and commitment of Pike Industries.

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