Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 12-Volt 15 amp Battery Charger (Bluetooth)


  • Take this water, dust, and chemical resistant charger with you wherever you go, whether it’s on your boat, yacht, classic car, motorcycle, camper-van, or workshop. The Victron Energy Blue Smart IP65 Charger is the perfect solution for all your battery charging needs. Experience the ultimate power and convenience!
  • This professional and innovative battery charger is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth feature. Using the Victron Connect app, you can adjust charging settings and monitor real-time and historic battery charging data. Or, switch to power supply mode to power DC loads without a battery.
  • This charger will tend to a lithium (LiFePO4) or lead acid battery to maximize performance and increase lifespan
  • This charger will revive even deeply-discharged batteries from 0V with its force-feeding feature. Once the battery has enough voltage, normal charging will resume
  • Plug and Play! Comes with easy to use alligator clips. Or, leave the M8 eyelets permanently connected to your battery and simply connect/disconnect the charger using the included quick connectors!
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